LinMailPro  Best Seller!

$5850per month*No term contract.
  • Message to 1st Connections
  • Automate Connect Requests
  • Tag message recipients by batch
  • Auto-visit profiles
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LinMailNavigate Current Leader!

$7000per month*No term contract.
  • All LinMailPro Features
  • + Blitz Sales Navigator Connect Requests
  • + Target leads with advanced searches
  • + Automatically Process Pages of Results
  • Requires LinkedIn SalesNavigator
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LinMailManage Best Value!

$13000-$22000per month*No term contract.
  • All LinMailNavigate Features
  • + Manage Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
  • + For Your Team, Or For Clients
  • + 5, 10 or 20 Associated LinkedIn Accounts
  • Save up to 83% Over Individual Licenses
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